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What is FloorCon and How to Attend It This Year?

FloorCon, is the premier convention for flooring professionals. FloorCon brings together flooring industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts from various sub-niches within the flooring industry to share knowledge and network, enabling them to explore new opportunities through their expert forecast of what’s to come for the flooring industry. Let’s talk about what FloorCon is all about, how to attend this year’s event, and how you can make the most of your experience.

What is FloorCon?

FloorCon is an annual convention specifically designed for flooring business owners and professionals. This event serves as a hub for networking and discovering the latest trends and innovations in the flooring industry. Whether you specialize in hardwood, carpet, tile, laminate, or any other flooring type, FloorCon offers valuable insights and resources to help you grow your business such best advertising methods, pitfalls to avoid and top ways to attract talent that’ll make money for your business.

Sub-Niches in the Flooring Industry Present in FloorCon:

The flooring industry is made up of a vast range of sub-niches, each with its own unique challenges and opportunities. Some of the prominent sub-niches within the industry include:

Hardwood Flooring
Carpet and Rugs
Tile and Stone
Laminate and Vinyl Flooring
Concrete and Epoxy Flooring
Sports and Athletic Flooring
Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Flooring
Installation and Maintenance Services
Floor Covering Retailers

Highlights of Previous Years’ FloorCon Events:

FloorCon has a rich history of delivering exceptional experiences. Previous events have featured renowned keynote speakers, including industry experts and thought leaders such as Brian Elias (Refloor), Nick Bock, Michel Vermette, Jason Goldberg and Andrew Yang . Key companies in the flooring industry such as Empire Flooring have showcased their latest products, technologies, and services through interactive exhibitions. Attendees have had the opportunity to learn from workshops, panel discussions, and educational sessions, gaining insights into industry trends, best practices, and business strategies.

Attending FloorCon:

To attend FloorCon, you can register online through the official event website by looking up “FloorCon 2024“. Early registration is recommended to secure your spot as the FloorContends to attract a large number of flooring professionals. Additionally, if you are interested in exhibiting your company’s products or services at the convention, you can book a stand through the designated exhibition section of the website.

Getting the Most Out of Attending:

To maximize your FloorCon experience, consider the following tips:

Plan Ahead: Review the event schedule and speaker and plan which sessions, or workshops, and networking opportunities are most relevant to you.
Bring Business Cards: Networking is a key aspect of this flooring convention, so be sure to have plenty of business cards on hand to exchange with potential partners, floor suppliers, contractors, clients or even leads.
Be Open to Learning: Attend a diverse range of sessions (aka Shotgun method) and workshops to gain expert insights stay updated on flooring trends.
Prepare REAL Questions: Come prepared with specific questions or challenges you want to address in your own business and the experts will appreciate your effort. Take advantage of the opportunity to get mentorship, or advice from flooring industry experts and experienced pros.

Who is FloorCon For?

FloorCon is specifically tailored for flooring business owners, flooring contractors, hardwood refinishing companies, remodeling companies that offer flooring services, industry veterans, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers FloorConoffers valuable resources and networking opportunities to get your flooring business to where you want.

What to Expect:

By attending FloorCon, you can expect an immersive experience filled with educational sessions, inspiring speakers who have done what you’re about to do, flooring product showcases, interactive exhibitions, and valuable networking opportunities. The convention aims to empower flooring professionals to win in a competitive market.

Maximizing Growth Opportunities:

While FloorCon offers an abundance of growth opportunities, it’s important to remember that success lies in taking action. To further boost your business growth and gain industry secrets and growth hacks, consider reaching out to our team at Flooring Demand for a specialized business consultations tailored to your flooring or remodel company industry, providing you with strategies and insights to accelerate your success.


FloorCon is the ultimate convention for flooring business owners and professionals, offering a platform to learn, network, and explore opportunities in the evolving flooring industry. By attending FloorCon, you can connect with self-proclaimed industry leaders, and discover new products you might be able to sell or purchase. Register for this year’s event and engage in networking, and be open to learning. And if you’re seeking further industry-specific guidance, contact the Flooring Demand team for a business consultation.


Is FloorCon worth my time and money?

The answer depends on where you are with your business at the moment. The ticket price being $599, if you are just starting out with your flooring company you might be better off investing in advertising your flooring company. On the other hand, if you have a established flooring company, you may benefit from the networking aspect.

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