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Is NWFA Expo Worth it and How to Attend it This Year?

If you’re a business owner in the wood flooring industry, chances are you’ve heard of the NWFA Expo. But is it really worth your time, and how can you ensure you make the most out of it? We’ll go over what you can get from NWFA Expo, what it is to how you can attend this year’s event.

Everything about National Wood Flooring Association

The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) is a leading authority in the wood flooring industry. Every year, they host the NWFA Expo, a premier industry authority event that brings together professionals from all corners of the industry. From manufacturers and distributors to contractors and installers, the Expo is the place to be for anyone involved in wood flooring.

National Wood Flooring Association Guidelines

The NWFA sets the standards for wood flooring installation, sanding, finishing, and more. By following their guidelines, professionals can ensure high-quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. This is one of the reasons why, this organization is so well-known, as they are a real authority in the space. Many decide to attend this event every year for this exact reason.

Benefits of Attending This Event

So, why should you attend the NWFA Expo? For starters, it’s a great networking opportunity for you as a person looking to grow in the industry. You’ll have the chance to connect with wood flooring industry professionals, exchange ideas and opportunities, and create valuable business relationships. Additionally, the NWFA Expo provides a platform for presenting your supplies/products or services to a very targeted audience. Whether you’re launching a new product line or showcasing your services, the Expo offers amazing visibility within the industry. Moreover, attending the NWFA Expo enables you to get ahead by spotting new market trends and opportunities that are to come in the future. Emerging technologies, shifting consumer preferences, the NWFA convention provides insights to help you stay competitive in the rapidly growing wood flooring market.

Types of Flooring Included in This Event

The NWFA Expo covers a wide range of wood flooring products and materials. From traditional hardwoods like oak and maple to engineered and exotic woods, you’ll find it all at the Expo. Additionally for flooring refinishers and sanders, the event showcases the latest trends in finishes, stains, and installation techniques, making it a must-attend for everyone in the wood flooring business.

Where is the 2024 Meeting, and How to Sign Up and Get a Ticket

The 2024 NWFA convention will be held in New Orleans, LA. To sign up and purchase tickets, simply visit the NWFA website and follow the registration instructions. We recommend early registration to take advantage of discounted rates (and avoid higher on-site rates!).

Ticket Cost and Accessibility

Ticket prices for the NWFA Expo vary depending on factors such as registration type and early bird discounts. If you sign up early online you can get the ticket anywhere from $199 to $400. However if register on-site, the will be $50 hike so $250 to $450. While the event is geared towards professionals in the wood flooring industry, it is open to anyone with an interest in the flooring field. A flooring veteran or just starting out, the NWFA Expo can present great insights and opportunities for all attendees.

In conclusion, the NWFA Expo is a must-attend event for anyone in the wood flooring industry. From networking and education, business opportunities, new products and spotting new market opportunities, the NWFA Expo offers many benefits for professionals at every level.

Date and Location

The 2024 NWFA Expo will take place from April 15-17 2024, in New Orleans, LA. It’s important to mark your calendar and plan your attendance accordingly to ensure you don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity.

Parking Spots

Parking can often be a concern when attending large events like the NWFA Expo. However, organizers typically provide ample parking options for attendees. Be sure to check the event website or contact the venue for information on parking locations and availability. From the info we got, parking spot is included with every ticket purchase.

Business Opportunities

The NWFA Expo is really more than just a trade show—it’s a hub of business opportunities. Connect with potential clients, attract talent, partners and manufacturers to exploring new markets and distribution channels, the Expo offers endless possibilities for expanding your business and driving growth.

Key Speakers

At this year’s event, attendees can look forward to hearing from industry experts and thought leaders who will share insights and expertise on various topics relevant to the wood flooring industry. Key speakers include renowned architects, designers, celebrities, and manufacturers who will provide valuable perspectives on trends, innovations, and best practices in wood flooring.

As for last year’s event, key speakers may have included notable figures such as Gary Sinise, Bill Courtney, Ozzie Smith, who delivered impactful presentations on topics such as sustainability, design trends, and technological advancements in wood flooring.

What to expect

  • Over thirty presenters
  • The purpose of education programs is to assist participants advance their enterprises, sharpen their
  • technical abilities, and remain abreast of industry developments.
  • Exhibitions and demos of new products on the trade fair floor
  • NWFA Accredited Experts Prior to the Exhibition
  • Many chances for networking – The host will create the opportunity for attendees
  • the 2024 NWFA “Wood Floor of the Year” winners will be revealed
  • themed opening and closing ceremonies in honor of New Orleans

How to Apply to Get a Booth

If you’re looking to present your products or services at the NWFA Expo, you’ll need to apply for a booth. The process typically involves submitting an application form on their website and any required documentation, such as product specifications or company certifications. Booth space is limited and is fast to get fully booked out, so be sure to apply early (we recommend at least 6 months before the event).

What Certifications Can You Get From Them?

Attending the NWFA Expo also gives you the opportunity to earn certifications. These certifications demonstrate your commitment to the wood flooring industry and will impress your customers/investors.

Maximizing Growth Opportunities:

The NWFA Expo provides a wealth of growth opportunities, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that action is what makes a difference. Consider contacting our team at Flooring Demand for a specialized business consultation tailored to your flooring or remodel company. If you’re in the wood flooring industry, please mention so to get a special meeting with our team. We will provide you with strategies and insights to accelerate your success. This will help you further boost your business growth and learn industry secrets and growth hacks.


The premier event for wood flooring experts, contractors, company owners, and homeowners, NWFA Expo provides a chance for education, networking, and opportunity exploration in the dynamic wood flooring sector. You may network with influential people in the hardwood flooring sector and learn about new goods that you might be able to buy or sell by attending NWFA. Sign up for this year’s event, participate in networking, and have an open mind. Additionally, you can schedule a business consultation with the Flooring Demand team if you’re looking for more industry-specific advice.


Is NWFA convention worth your time and money?

The response is contingent upon your current situation with your flooring business. With tickets ranging from $250 to $450, it would be wiser to spend money on advertising your flooring business if you are just getting started. However, if your flooring business is well-established, you could find the networking component advantageous. If you are in the wood flooring industry, this event is a no-brainer as it will gather your ideal network and clients.

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