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Hardwood Flooring Website Design

Success Case Study: 350% Increase in Leads & 250% in Conversion Rate

Here’s one of our most popular hardwood flooring website designs, as a case study for business owners in the hardwood industry.

Our clients runs a successful flooring business in Canada. 

The Hero Section

According to Hotjar, over 70% of users coming into your website, never scroll past the hero section which is basically where you make your first impression as a brand. What helps your flooring business, is to include testimonials and reviews (social proof) pictures of successful past work (before and after – or better put pain and solution).

Here the leads have a great opportunity to see the before and after of hardwood refinishing live, and then they will decide to convert by filling in the pop up form or calling the business owner.

Frictionless Lead Conversion

Savvy business owners know that it should be very easy for potential customers or leads to convert. We shouldn’t expect leads to solve complex problems or hard navigations to convert, or go through a long process just to reach you. With a pop-up form, we make it as frictionless as possible for our leads to convert.


This can be presented as a laid out form on the home page included within Hero section or after it, or it can be a pop-up CTA button that opens up a form on the spot without navigating to another page.

Website Design for Hardwood Flooring thorugh Funnel method

The homepage of your hardwood flooring website design should act as a funnel, where a cold leads without any knowledge of your brand, is warmed so that they are motivated to signal their interest in any way. Here we’re doing this using beautiful pictures of past hardwood work. 

SEO-optimized from the get-go

SEO has proven to be a great source for local contractors, especially in the flooring industry. By providing a comprehensive list of our services, we are able to provide search engines such Google with enough information to list our business on top results of search page (SERP) to potential customers of your business.

To correctly target SEO keywords on your hardwood flooring website, you can include pages that describe where flooring can be done, such as offices, kitchen, living room, decks, commercial flooring, and the services your offer such as restoration, sanding, refinishing and cleaning.

Next we guide the prospects on the right steps to navigate them towards getting started, follow it by one the most important part of any business, but often the most overlooked, personal branding. Here we showcase a picture the featured contractor (business owner) in work and do so in a warm and welcoming manner to humanize and put emotions into the landing page, helping users to connect at a deeper level. This is very helpful in increasing the conversion rate of your leads when your run ads when they find your flooring website.

Get a Quote Opt-in Form

And what better way to end the landing page than giving leads another chance to convert after they have gone through the funnel and have been warmed enough to become a “Hot Lead”. Hot leads are pretty easy to close because in their mind, they have already sold the flooring service to themselves. Next we  designed a beautiful footer, with the brand’s logo, address (creating trust) necessary links, location on map, award badge (being mentioned on a magazine and their social media links. 

In short, we want to make it as easy as possible for flooring leads to convert, that’s why we give them as many channels to reach out to the business owner as possible. Including: Laid out form, pop-up form, phone number, Live chat, contact us form and social media.

Targeting Local Leads with SEO

As for service pages, we designed over 50 SEO targeted service pages, including every service they could offer, and breaking them down into as many smaller services as we could, adding to that we created location pages for them as well.

To end the service pages, we created an FAQ section to answer questions customers probably had to clear any doubt before giving them a chance to convert into customers. On your hardwood floor refinishing website, you can include your services, such as sanding, restoration, refinishing, cleaning. Let your customers know if your process is dustless/sandless or not.

Dear Contractor, Show Off Your Work!

Project Gallery – our marketing team decided to include a really comprehensive project gallery for this company to compliment their great social media efforts by giving interested users hours worth of beautiful before and after photos and videos to look at, increasing their engagement time, an important metric in ranking.

Now when someone is interested in this company’s services, who is coming from social media, they land on this page and get everything they want to see before making that “Come to my house” call.

This company now has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, and a growing clients base, becoming a success case study for Flooring demand and giving us another testimonial.

Want your business to look this good and have your leads in awe?

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