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Flooring Leads + That Are Qualified Homeowners

Flooring leads with google ads

Flooring Leads + That Are Qualified Homeowners

Are you tired of spending hours after hours chasing down potential flooring leads, the soon-to-be customers, only to come up empty-handed?

We are going to share key data such as the average cost per lead in the flooring industry, top sources of flooring leads ranked by percentage, average flooring customer acquisition cost, and best platforms to advertise on.

This is based on data gathered across 15,000 flooring companies and 350+ companies working with Flooring Demand, giving us valuable insight into the strategies used by successful flooring companies ($1M+) and medium-average companies ($150k+).

Looking at successful companies in the industry, a long lasting and well-thought out flooring lead generation system is made up of 4 parts that represent the 4 stages of a customer cycle.

The goal is to create a fully automated leads system, to make your business independent of sales and networking skills of the business owner or store manager and essentially remove yourself from being the constant center of your business.

First Stage: Attracting Interest (Generating Leads)

getting flooring leads be like

“It’s the ability to generate a constant inflow of leads that determines which businesses are successful in the long run.”

Most of you have the question of “how to get more flooring leads”. At least that’s what we hear the most in consulting sessions with flooring contractors. “We spent $15,000 on Magazine ads and didn’t even get one call.” “We ran an expensive ad campaign on Pinterest and no leads came in”.

There are dozens of ways to generate real flooring leads, it depends on the flooring service you to generate sales leads for. Hardwood flooring leads, wood flooring and hardwood refinishing leads have their own unique target market of high-end homeowners. Whereas jobs that come from laminate flooring leads or flooring installation leads might come from average income homeowners.

Flooring Leads in Small Towns

An easy way to generate leads for your flooring business is to target smaller towns and cities around you that are not as competitive. Homeowners in those areas also in need of flooring services, and refinishing or sanding services on a regular basis.

There is much more traffic (leads) in smaller cities or neighborhoods to capture than you might think, so many customers in each of these smaller areas that you can be targeting.

You can create these pages while in the process of website design for your flooring company, about the areas you want to target. This is a standard practice. If you put these pages up and describe your services and include a paragraph about the town or city, you will get leads from Google. This process is explained in best SEO practices for flooring companies.

Flooring Lead Generation using Paid advertising

Google Search Ads are a powerful way to target leads actively searching for flooring/remodeling solutions. By bidding on relevant keywords like “hardwood flooring installation” or “flooring contractors in your city,” your brand can appear at the top of Google search results, attracting high-intent leads.

However, the cost can be intimidating for some business owners, since they do not know their customers LTV (lifetime value) and they do not have a system in place to retarget and nurture leads. Google Search ads are perfect for high-revenue flooring businesses as it offers features like brand-bidding and commercial leads targeting.

Google Guaranteed Local Service Ads for flooring companies

Google Guaranteed Local Service Ads: Google Guaranteed ads are fairly new compared to other platforms. The reason for its creation was to give a safety net to local flooring contractors against huge corporations that run nation-wide ads. These ads are pretty simple to run, and we actually recommend them to any flooring contractor who can get verified by Google. You’re going to generate high quality leads at a decent price with it.

We have never seen any company set up their Google Guaranteed ads correctly and not be profitable with it as these leads most often result in flooring jobs.  This service is Google saying: “I got your back.

Facebook Ads:

facebook ads for flooring companies

Facebook ads are one of the best when it comes to generating leads for your flooring business. Facebook ads might be considered the best flooring advertising platform, as they are praised by many marketing experts.

You are able to interact with the homeowner demographic (35-65 yrs.) on this platform a lot better than others.

Cost per lead (CPL) is pleasantly lower.

The only real disadvantage is that it needs a lot of experience plus good systems (nurturing and follow-up) in the backend of your business.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to generate high quality leads.

facebook ads cost per lead in flooring business

If you have read Flooring Demand’s report on top sources of leads of companies doing $1M+ then you know that Facebook ads are responsible for the majority of the leads.

If it wasn’t working for them, they simply wouldn’t keep their ads running and paying for them.

Interesting Stats from our flooring clients running Facebook Ads

Average cost per lead is around $9 – $25 (max $40)

Average acquisition cost in is around $95 – $300 (max $500)

You see, Facebook ads are totally worth it as a really great ROI (return on investment) is pretty much guaranteed in case you have the right vehicle to convert leads.

You might get leads for $12 each, but that doesn’t guarantee you will be able to convert them. So that’s something to keep in mind, Facebook is amazing to run ads on, but it needs robust systems (Landing page, Text follow-up, email sequences.).

Commercial Flooring Leads

Depending on where you currently are in your business, you may or may not want to target commercial leads.

It is true that commercial flooring contracts are highly profitable, more so in the long run because of its networking benefits, referrals and recurring jobs.

However, you should perfect your system – including your staff, follow up, and reputation management – before entering the space, especially if you are a newer business owner. Commercial leads are more restrict, and more sensitive to the smallest flaws.

Increasing likelihood of Success with Flooring Leads

Trying to be too forward thinking in generating leads and ignoring all the proven strategies that’s working for other companies might be a mistake for your business.

Does Generating Flooring Leads at a Decent cost per lead guarantee success?

Most business owners assume that getting leads this is the only part of the 4 stages they need to focus on, and when they master it and get a lot of leads or phone calls, the rest is going to be a breeze.

However, that can’t be further from the truth, and this wrong belief is the reason for failure of too many flooring businesses, to be repeated by you! The most important step is to get your leads to want to buy. Not be sold.

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Second Stage: Nurturing

If you want massive success in your business, you should have a system to “work the leads” before running ads. That’s all nurturing is about.

It’s the process of “warming” the leads to your company, brand, and team.

When you create new reasons for interaction with your leads that other companies don’t have, share reviews and testimonials with them, tell them your story, it makes it so that they want to work with you more than anybody else.

This is one of the most important secrets in the flooring business, as marketing in this industry, in today’s economy is a lot different than other businesses.

  • Lead Magnet Opt-in

To start nurturing your flooring leads, first you need each prospect’s email and phone number.

Come up with ways you can get their contact info before making any sales. This is called a lead magnet.

It can be a guide about your flooring services, a calculator that estimates the cost of your floor refinishing services (or how much it saves them), free or cheap products, free consultation, floor/home maintenance guides, virtually anything that provides value to them that can get you their contact info in return.

  • Flooring CRM (Customer Relationship Management System)

CRM is the best way to work your flooring leads. This can be vetting the leads or warming the leads. From our experience, CRM is the distinguishing factor between $100k companies and $1M+ companies. CRM stands for customer relationship management.

Top companies, without an exception, use it so it makes sense that there must be something to it.

This is the place where you manage your past customers and current prospects, leads, sales records, email broadcast and text message broadcast.

Using CRM you have the ability to automate interactions through email and text.

Send new offers to hundreds of customers and flooring leads at once by email, ask for reviews through text message, create emails sequences that tell your story and educate them about your company, follow up with customers, follow up with leads that didn’t buy.

There are no limits.

The nice thing about is that it’s all automated. Following up with every lead manually might drain your energy of the day. But a software, a robot has no limitation of energy. This feature creates no room for procastination and brings in more sales.

Many of the tasks that were always late, procastinated or ignored run like clockwork.

If you don’t already have a CRM the best flooring CRM that we recommend is Flooring Demand CRM trusted by over 350 flooring companies. In the last 6 months, no company cancelled out of Flooring Demand CRM, indicating the benefits this software has had for them.

Third Stage: Converting Flooring Leads into Customers

If the first two stages are done correctly, converting leads into customers is should be very easy.

A flooring lead that has been warmed through sequences and funnels, already wants to buy and almost no closing is needed.

The third stage is where you actually make money, so to make the most out of a certain number of flooring leads you have, you need a good conversion strategy.

The conversion from lead to customer, where riches are made.

  • Offer Creation

Flooring businesses can significantly increase their revenue and stand out from their competitors by creating irresistible offers.

I’m going to share the formula we use for converting any flooring lead into a customer. It’s based on human psychology. It’s a very rare formula. Only a few know it. Use it in your business and see what happens.

Irresistible Offers:

These are unique, high-value offers that cannot be compared to any other product or service. This offer should combine an attractive promotion, an unmatchable value proposition, a premium price, and an unbeatable guarantee.

Create compelling offers that address specific pain points of homeowners, provide exceptional value, and include elements such as guarantees and urgency.  

Use basic human desires for creating your offer.

Caution: Extremely powerful.

Hormonal-Pyschological sales Formula:

1. Increasing wealth  (add to the value of your home with flooring) Hormone: Dopamine

2. Better Health (Transform your home into your healing place) Hormone: Endorphins

3. Higher Status (Impress your guests and friends with new floors) Hormone: Serotonin

4. Happiness/Family (a lovely space space for your family) Hormone: Oxytocin

5. Avoiding Danger/Safety (Avoid mold growth / 30yr Guarantee) Hormone: Reduce Cortisol

Fourth Stage: Customer Retention Strategy

Retention is why top flooring companies, and a good Flooring CRM are inseparable. Without it, your company is missing out on pretty much every revenue generating strategy based on past customers.

Retention rate (opposite churn rate) is what makes or breaks a business. If you are never hearing from your customers again, It means that your business systems need serious improvement.

Most investors, venture capitalists, and private equity firms ruthlessly measure a company’s churn rate before acquiring it.

The role of Flooring CRM is making your customers into profitable assets.

LTV or Lifetime value stands for the revenue from a single flooring customer from the first time they buy a flooring service such as refinishing or tile flooring, up until now.

If you want to measure whether your business has a good retention rate or not, these are the three variable:

  • Customer Lifetime Value (LTV): How much they have paid you since day one until now.
  • Customer Lifetime Order Count: How many times they have bought your services or paid you.
  • Customer Average Order Value (AOV): How much they have paid you each time they bought you services.

You want all the three variables to be as high as possible.

How to maximize your retention?

Only 3 strategies are needed, that will guarantee an astronomically higher customer retention.

Follow-up (customer success): It is vital that you follow up with customers after their work has been done, to see how they feel and if they are 100% satisfied. In this phase you can also ask for a review – only after you are certain they are satisfied. – Note: this process should be automated as you can’t rely on manual follow up to take care of this.

Branding & Reminding: Using email, text, social media and Facebook retargeting ads, remind your customers of your brand contantly and regularly so they never go out searching for other companies. They should see your brand so many times it gets carved into their sub-concious mind.

Promotions: If you didn’t know why big companies are always running colorful promotions now you know. It’s a retention strategy.

You should give your customers the oppourtunity to work with you, hire you as often as possible even if it’s for small or low-ticket jobs. Even if it means charging them less.

This repetition is what creates loyal customers that become the backbone of your business.

Master Your Flooring Leads

Companies that follow the 4 stages system, which is based on a real customer’s buying cycle experience massive growth and have an edge over their competitors. This the system that marketing master like Dan Kennedy, Chris Goegan, and Alex Hormozi used to scale hundreds of companies to 8-figures.

At Flooring Demand, we specialize in bringing in more leads and more revenue for flooring companies using the 4 stages system. Try our flooring lead generation service with a free demo.

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Are Angie’s Leads worth it?

Angie Leads, HomeAdvisor, Houzz, Thumbtack, HomeStars and more… Contractors should approach these lead-selling platforms with caution. Many platforms share leads among multiple contractors, resulting in unfair competition for the same potential clients.

They share ONE lead among five companies. Mind-blowing… Additionally, these platforms lack proper contractor support, leaving your company without real assistance.

Should you buy flooring leads?

Lead sellers mostly offer no guarantees regarding lead quality or conversion rates, leaving you uncertain about the return on your investment.
Lastly, we are yet to see contractors getting high-ticket, good homeowners from these platforms. It happens rarely as most leads are low-ticket, that are price-shopper, always going with the cheapest option.

If you decide to pay to work with a lead platform, do so only as a short-term strategy. We recommend finding more reliable and high ROI flooring marketing and acquisition strategies including all the strategies shared in this guide.

Are you interested in learning more about the 4 stages system? Then read the flooring marketing system & customer acquisition free eBook.

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