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Flooring Facebook Ads Campaigns

Run the best flooring ad campaign of your flooring career with Facebook Ads

Targeted Facebook Advertising that works. For dear Flooring Business Owners.

Let’s start with the fact that Facebook ads campaigns play a significant role in the success of majority of flooring businesses in the US and Canada. At this point, we’re quite past the question of correlation vs. causation of flooring companies achieving success and using Facebook ads, as according to what we see in our clients, over 90% are either actively generating leads from Facebook ads or have a history of running ads on Facebook.

The latter that are not that are not actively running Facebook ads, are able to do so by using a customer acquisition and retention system explained in our free eBook “The Flooring Client Acquisition System: The Action Plan”,  which enables them to make their business into an automatic lead generating machine, and have each lead bring in new leads.

Why You shouldn't Hate Facebook Ads

Meta Ads, including Instagram and Facebook ads, has access to 2 billion users across all industries, where you have the opportunity to catch their attention, and that’s pretty much all generating leads is about. To make it more interesting, just over 85% of people go with the first company they see just for the sake of convenience. This makes Facebook, a great platform as you have the chance to show your ads to customers who haven’t been “shopping”.

Prospects, may see your ad in any stage of sales cycle including customers who are Cold, the ones who are warm and the rest that are ready to buy who are hot. This makes for a great marketing technique, “warming leads” which the process of creating customers. On Facebook we’re able to get leads for a cheaper price, the catch is that they are not hot leads, yet. 

Targeting Settings

For our clients, the best settings that have worked pretty well, after many trial and error attempts over the years are the following.

We always target the right age bracket that we are sure are made up of a high percentage of homeowners. Many think that they should go for Facebook’s classic recommendation of targeting people over 25 years old. However, that’s not going to be optimal results. Based on the location and market, we target people 35+ years old, all the way up to people over 50 years old. This has produced magnificent results for the flooring contractors we’ve worked with. 

Ad Copy - How to sell with my ad?

This is the million dollar question, I have personally seen all sorts of ad copies, one that have perform well, ones that didn’t bring in a single lead (usually the ones trying to deceive the prospects) and ones that have made businesses phones ring off the hook. 

we don’t give up our clients ad copies here in this, however I will tell you the exact elements you need to have for a winning ad copy.

You should call out your exact audience. Tell them who is the right customer for your business. This makes the prospect feel at the right place at the right time. “To homeowners living in Seattle Washington”, “Attention: Homeowners of Seattle.” 

What’s better is calling them out more specifically, using the name of a neighborhood or local area instead of a city.

Looking at it as a system, we follow this formula with maximum success. 

Pain > Solution > Trust > Offer

They will stop scrolling by spotting the problem they have such as worn out floors (pain), they are intrigued by the pictures of HOW their new floors could look like, you bring in something like a badge, reviews, testimonials to win the homeowners trust. And finally, when we have warmed the leads, we slap the offer and get a hot lead to our website.

Follow the K.I.S.S. formula for writing your Facebook marketing ad copy, keep it as simple and as direct as possible. Clear communication is the key to success in ads. Never mislead, never deceive, never speak in codes, never use complex terms. Make an eighth-grader ad copy if you really want your Facebook ad campaign to win.

How a not-so-smart flooring business owner would look like?

When you start generating leads, your job has just started, and not finished! 

When new leads hit your website, it’s the moment of truth. You will find out if you have put the work in or not, by how well the leads respond by taking action such as filling in forms or calling you, which is called “conversion rate”. 

Without a conversion-rate oriented flooring website, that’s the foundation of your marketing, handling your CRM, following up with customers, warming up your leads, making customers pop out of all the acquired leads, you would be, as much as it hurts to say, set up for failure.

This is a recurring theme in our consultation calls. If you have not invested in building the systems, you’re leaving pretty much all the money on the table by having your leads go into waste, and never be captured, nurtured and warmed.

Savvy business owners don’t let go of their leads and customers because they know each customer is an asset and each lead is an asset.

Asset: Something that puts money in your pocket. Either now or at a later time.

Facebook Ads Case Study

You can find out how well an ad has been performing by how long it has been running. People do not keep an ad up if it’s not performing.

With this client in California, we’d been able to generate a decent number of leads at a very good CPL (cost per lead).

Our usual cost per leads come up to around $8 to $25 based on location and time of the year. (California being on the high end of them)

As in our cost per acquisition (CPA) we see anywhere from $90 to $220. Anything above this number would mean your ads are not performing well enough.

One of the most misconceptions that I see is that business owners think the cheaper a lead cost, the better the campaign has performed. This can’t be further from the truth. Hear from Dan Kennedy, the father of modern marketing. (The real guru)

“Anybody who can spend the most money to acquire a customer in the market wins.” – Dan Kennedy

There is a simple reason for this: Lead Quality. The higher the quality of the lead, the higher the conversion rate, and the higher the ticket size of the the job.


Creating Successful Ads is an Art.

Here’s another successful account, that by spending under $250 generated 12 leads and closed 4 of them. The remaining 8 leads remain in their nurturing system to get warmed and take action when they are ready. This way no lead goes waste.

I want to wrap this up by saying creating Facebook ads that convert is an art. The art needs a savvy businessman. The businessman is your systems that take of your leads. These two, together create success. 


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