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Digital Marketing Blueprint for Your Flooring Company

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What if you had the exact marketing blueprint that would lead your flooring company to success, how long would it take you to decide to take action and implement for your company? Exactly, none. That’s the mistake most companies make: they go out and start spending on ads with no real strategy or roadmap in place. Most contractors don’t how much each customers costs them or even how to generate leads on demand. For that reason, flooring businesses that invest in creating a system for their marketing, have a massive edge over others.

Flooring is a USD 278 billion industry with lots of opportunites and lots of competition. As a business owner, if your intention is to beat the competition with a robust digital marketing strategy, having an edge over your competitors is crucial for the success of your flooring business.

As a leading flooring marketing agency specializing in serving flooring companies, we at Flooring Demand have developed a sold 12-step digital marketing blueprint that has helped over 220 businesses in the hardwood, laminate, tile, carpet, and vinyl flooring sectors completely remove the compeitition from their market.

Our blueprint is designed to create a client acquisition system that maximizes lead generation and customer retention on autopilot, and qualifies an inbound stream of high-quality leads. Here are the key steps that make up this powerful marketing system.

Website Optimization for Lead Generation

The foundation of our approach is a flooring website that is oriented around converting visitors (prospects) into leads. Your website is the digital brand, and the face of your business, and we ensure that it is not only building authority over leads at first impression, but also strategically optimized to capture the attention of your target audience.

This includes a dedicated trust (we call it TRUST) section that showcases badges, testimonials, and reviews from platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp. By highlighting the positive experiences of your existing customers and giving prospects a solid social proof, we build credibility and instill confidence in potential clients. Additionally, we use a frictionless opt-in form that encourages visitors to share their email and phone number, allowing us to capture these leads effectively, and not allowing any lead go into waste.

Lead Nurturing through CRM and Email Marketing

Once we have captured these valuable leads, we implement a customer relationship management (CRM) system on your website. This powerful tool enables us to nurture the leads through a strategic email marketing campaign and “warm” the leads to our brand and company through our unique funnels.

Our approach focuses on educating the prospective customers in 80% of the emails, while reserving the remaining 20% for presenting them with opportunities or offers. First, we create the authority and trust (oxytocin hormone) and then we present a solution to their need.

By creating this balance, we are able to build trust and credibility with the leads, making it more likely for them to convert into paying customers. The CRM system also allows us to track the engagement and behaviors of the leads, enabling us to optimize our emails and steps, to adjust our strategies accordingly.

Local SEO and Branding

In our omnipresence system, we use the power of local SEO on your website. By optimizing your website for location-based searches, we ensure that your flooring business appears at the top result in search engine results when potential customers are looking for flooring services in your area. This not only drives organic, high-intent leads to your website but also contributes to your overall company branding.

We very much believe in branding, as we have come to realize that your website should be a reflection of your personal brand, as your customers like to buy from people, not companies. To achieve this, we work to create a sense of connection between your business and your customers.

This includes featuring the business owner and the team (and the wrapped vans), on the website’s hero section, which helps to build trust and foster a personal connection with your target audience. Over 70% of users never scroll past the hero section, so it’s our only chance to make a great first impression.

Strategic Advertising Approach

Advertising on different platforms is a crucial step of our digital marketing blueprint, and we approach PPC ads with a strategic mindset. We use Google Guaranteed Local Service Ads to generate high-quality flooring leads at a competitive price, while also taking advantage of cheap clicks from Facebook advertising (Facebook Ads) to capture leads that may require more nurturing. Our experience shows that flooring ads are somewhat different from other industries.

By integrating our CRM system, we can effectively guide these leads through the sales funnel, ensuring that no opportunity goes to waste. We also run Google Ads in certain situations, such as brand bidding or capitalizing on flooring trends, to maximize the returns on ads (ROAS).

Follow-Up and Upsell Strategies

In our customer acquisition system curated for flooring contractors, no lead goes to waste. We have implemented clever follow-up systems to ensure that every potential customer is nurtured and provided with the necessary support to convert.

If a lead is ready to make a purchase now, we guide them through the sales process and explore opportunities for upselling and referrals. For those who are not yet ready to convert, we continue to nurture them through our CRM and email marketing efforts, ensuring that they are well-educated and eventually become loyal customers.

Social Media for Free Leads

To further showcase your brand and generate additional leads, we use social media marketing. By strategically curating and sharing content across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, we can reach a wider audience. This helps you invest into the right marketing for your flooring company.

Our social media marketing strategies are designed to complement the other elements of our digital marketing blueprint such as CRM nurturing.

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The Flooring Demand Advantage

At Flooring Demand, we are proud to have developed this comprehensive digital flooring advertisement blueprint that has proven successful for over 220 flooring companies.

By implementing this blueprint, your flooring business can now become a cashflow generating asset, with an automatic client acquisition system, a strong presence, and a stream of high-quality inbound leads that can be nurtured into loyal customers.

Our team of experienced digital marketers, web designers, and SEO specialists work with you to implement the right strategies to the actual needs of your flooring business, and not “fluff”. We are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest flooring industry trends and best acquisition practices, ensuring that your flooring company internet marketing efforts remain effective and adaptable.

Last Chance

If you’re ready, we invite you to partner with Flooring Demand and experience the power of our proven digital marketing blueprint. Fill in the form below to get a free consultation call and get the right roadmap to achieve your business goals.


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